About Me

10 January 2020 | 2 minutes read | 294 words

I’m Matías, a PHP Jedi Master based in the UK. I’m an skilled Backend Web Developer but I can also do frontend. I also develop in Node JS, and I’m familiar with Python, Go and Vala.

I have experience in all sort of projects, of different sizes and of wide spectrum of domains: medical, multimedia, air traveling and e-commerce. My style of development revolves around the ideas of Domain Driven Design. This means that when I develop software, I try to understand and breathe the business, in order to effectively model it into code. I mostly do web development, specially (truly) REST apis; but I also develop cli apps and tiny desktop apps for Linux.

I’m a open source maintainer of some libraries. One of my dearest projects is Espresso, a next-generation HTTP layer for PHP, pretty much inspired on Express JS. I’m also developing Historian, an Event Sourcing library for PHP.

What services do you provide?

Most of my time is dedicated now to my current employer. However, I have spare time to do some consulting, teaching or speaking.

In the consulting area I can provide assistance from helping you to pick a team of skilled developers for your project, analyze the technical debt of your application, provide guidelines on how to implement a feature or start a project, and about pretty much any other thing you need.

I can also teach on various topics related to software development: CI/CD, Docker, Linux, Kubernetes, PHP, Git, HTTP protocol, REST, OOP, Design Patterns, Node. Get in touch with me if you want me to meet your team!

Lastly, I love to attend to and speak at conferences. If you want me to do a little talk or workshop in your conference, don’t hesitate to ask!

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