About Me

Hi, I’m Matías Navarro, a self-taught web developer with several years of experience and currently based on Santiago, Chile.

I’m currently working for Option in Chile. I’m really well versed in the whole of the PHP ecosystem, but I can use Node (ECMAScript 6, Typescript) too.

Some of the skills/knowledge I know/have:

  • PHP (Phpunit, Symfony, Laravel, Zend, Doctrine)
  • CI/CD Implementation (Gitlab, Bitbucket, Travis CI, Github Actions, Drone)
  • 12 Factor Apps
  • REST Apis (Richardson Maturity Model)
  • HTTP Protocol
  • Javascript (Vanilla ECMA6, Typescript, Express, Vuejs, Svelte)
  • Strong OOP skills and Design Patterns
  • DDD, CQRS and Event Sourcing
  • Persistence: Redis, Mysql, Mongo
  • Queues: Rabbit
  • Git
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes (mainly the k3s flavor)
  • Debian based Linux distros
  • PaaS: Google Cloud

On my spare time, I work mostly in my Open Source projects, mainly the Espresso PHP Micro-Framework.

I’m also open for consulting work .If you want to know more, just visit the FAQ page.